Clarendon Fund Managers | HBAN ULSTER
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HBAN Ulster

HBAN Ulster is a business angel investment initiative in Northern Ireland led by a group of accomplished entrepreneurs who have successfully built knowledge-based companies, particularly in the ICT and Medtech sectors.  Many members have founded, attracted investment and scaled their companies to acclaimed international success. This has resulted in acquisitions and prosperous exits enabling them to now invest in and support the next generation of committed and talented entrepreneurs. Members working together as a close team bring a unique set of skills, experience and global contacts that rapidly accelerate the growth of companies attracting investment.


HBAN Ulster members typically invest in both start-up and established early stage companies who have identified a global market opportunity and have a scalable business model. They generally invest between £100,000 – £500,000 in return for a minority shareholding. The group will normally participate in funding rounds of between £100,000 – £1,500,000 and will often invest with partners such as other syndicates, corporates or seed, venture capital and co-investment funds.  Follow-on investment is also usually considered.


HBAN Ulster is coordinated by Clarendon Fund Managers who have nearly twenty years of experience in the local early stage investment sector. Clarendon help identity and prepare suitable candidates for investment.


If you are interested in joining the HBAN Ulster initiative as an investor, please submit a membership application here.

If you are a company seeking funding, please contact a member of our investment team.