Clarendon Fund Managers | Loyalbe secures €850,000 in funding for rewards app
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Loyalbe secures €850,000 in funding for rewards app

Loyalbe secures €850,000 in funding for rewards app

Founder and CEO, Cormac Quinn said: “We intend to use the funds to build partnerships and upscale our marketing efforts within Ireland. We have recently partnered with Visa to expand into the Irish market and this investment will allow us to accelerate our rollout of the app to local businesses.”

The loyalBe platform improves customer engagement between retailers and their loyal customers, by replacing outdated loyalty tools with an easy-to-use mobile app, and offering them a way to conveniently engage with top customers.

The app uses new bank-linking technology, allowing customers to automatically earn rewards simply by paying with their debit card. This technology removes the need for any Point of Sale integrations or equipment in-store, allowing for a rapid and straightforward set-up.

loyalBe’s mission is to provide independent businesses with a powerful loyalty solution that will level the playing field and allow them to compete against multinational brands with huge resources. Their platform now enables local businesses to surprise and delight their best customers with tailored rewards and offers a new layer of insights, allowing them to get to know their customers better.

The past year has shone a light on the importance of supporting local businesses, to sustain the economy and protect jobs. loyalBe believes

that shopping locally is crucial and this is a message the team is passionate about spreading and incorporating as part of their business model.

Cormac added: “It is extremely important to rally behind local businesses. With loyalBe, we are encouraging customers to shop local and invest in the local economy. Our app helps businesses to create and engage with more loyal customers to drive repeat sales and we’re delighted to be supporting many local businesses already.