Clarendon Fund Managers | UK National Accreditation Body UKAS Selects AuditComply to Streamline & Automate Assessment Process
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UK National Accreditation Body UKAS Selects AuditComply to Streamline & Automate Assessment Process

UK National Accreditation Body UKAS Selects AuditComply to Streamline & Automate Assessment Process

UKAS announced today that it has chosen Clarendon portfolio company AuditComply, an innovative and highly configurable Risk and Audit Management platform, as part of an initiative to automate and digitise their assessment reporting. By introducing AuditComply, the globally recognised accreditation body will provide an enhanced customer experience, improving communication, turnaround times and transparency of the process. As a result, UKAS can optimise the use of assessment data to increase the value of accreditation to its customers and stakeholders.

UKAS is the sole national accreditation body recognised by the British Government to assess the competence of organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, AuditComply can be easily and widely adopted across the organisation. The objective is to improve overall service delivery by optimising assessment planning and fieldwork while simplifying evidence collection and automating all reporting and analysis in real-time.

Since its launch in 2014, AuditComply has strived to transform how global organisations manage their Risk, Audit & Regulatory Compliance processes. With a portfolio of fortune 500 customers, AuditComply offers a fully-integrated Risk & Audit management platform to organisations operating in highly regulated industries. Ultimately, AuditComply will allow UKAS to enhance their assessment capabilities with enterprise-wide efficiency and a rapid return on investment across their service portfolio. This will free up valuable resources while reducing the costs and administrative burdens typically associated with the assessment process.

Susan Fitzsimmons, Chief Customer Officer at AuditComply commented:

“We are incredibly proud to be one of the trusted organisations selected by UKAS to help optimise current operations and enhance service delivery. The opportunity to work with like-minded individuals operating in highly regulated environments will deliver tremendous results for both our organisations. We are confident that AuditComply will increase UKAS’ ability to ‘check the checkers’ and we look forward to delivering further confidence for all of their customers”.

Jeff Ruddle, Strategic Development Director at UKAS commented:

“We are excited to be entering into this partnership with AuditComply to deliver a web based reporting platform which is a key part of our overall strategy to digitise our assessment services, enabling the use of data to further enhance the value we provide to customers and stakeholders. AuditComply, a British tech company, are at the forefront of technology development in the assessment and audit sector and we are confident that this partnership will further improve our services.”