Clarendon Fund Managers | Cirdan wins Eurofins Pathology cloud-based LIS contract
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Cirdan wins Eurofins Pathology cloud-based LIS contract

Cirdan wins Eurofins Pathology cloud-based LIS contract

CLarendon portfolio company Cirdan is delighted to announce the award of a contract by Eurofins Pathology for a new generation Laboratory Information System (LIS). Eurofins Pathology is part of the wider Eurofins Scientific Group, a global leader in life sciences testing, with a presence in 47 countries, providing a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries.

The contract is for the provision and deployment of Cirdan’s cloud-based LIS product, ULTRA Cloud. ULTRA Cloud, which will be hosted on an Azure platform, will support operation of the organisation’s histology division, Eurofins Pathology, in Ireland. Cirdan will also provide support to Eurofins Pathology for the term of the contract, 3-years initially, under Cirdan’s ULTRA Managed Cloud service.

This contract award comes at a time when Cirdan is seeing an increased interest in cloud-based LIS products from both private and public healthcare organisations across the globe. Government approval and guidance issued by organisations such as NHS Digital in the UK have made a real difference to confidence and interest in the Cloud.

Speaking about the contract award, John O’Sullivan, Regional Director Ireland & UK at Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics said:

“Eurofins Pathology looked at various LIS options before choosing Cirdan’s ULTRA Cloud product. We were attracted by the benefits of a cloud hosted LIS, in particular the ease of deployment and increased security and resilience. Our histology operation in Ireland is constantly growing, so confidence that Cirdan’s application can support this growth is very important.”

“We are looking forward to working with Cirdan to ensure the successful adoption of Cirdan’s ULTRA Cloud LIS and are excited about how the product will assist us in streamlining our histology processes, helping Eurofins Pathology to deliver an even more efficient and secure service to our clients.”

Cirdan’s Head of Commercial Operations, Jackie Devine commented:

“We are thrilled that Eurofins Pathology has selected ULTRA Cloud as their LIS. We are excited to have the opportunity to work in partnership with such a forward-thinking organisation and hope that the services that we will deliver via the ULTRA Managed Cloud service will future-proof Eurofins Pathology’s laboratory processes and enable Eurofins Pathology to enhance the level of service it can provide to its clients.”