Clarendon Fund Managers | Software company GoReport to use £500,000 funding boost to drive growth
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Software company GoReport to use £500,000 funding boost to drive growth

Software company GoReport to use £500,000 funding boost to drive growth

Clarendon portfolio company GoReport, the developer of market-leading digital building surveying software, has secured a £500,000 investment to support its ambitious accelerated growth plans.

The firm has said it is already a top developer of mobile digital surveying software used by professionals, such as project managers, fire safety consultants and insurance loss adjusters, as well as surveyors.

The software can be used on a mobile device to record data about a property and can then generate reports which can be used to make decisions on the management of a property.

GoReport chief executive Anthony Walker said: “The property sector is changing at an unprecedented pace.”

“Surveyors face an increasing number of opportunities that are only open to those who can demonstrate ability and experience in using digital technology.”

“As digitisation continues to expand, ‘proptech’ (property technology) is now a more mainstream requirement than an optional extra. We are in the perfect position to take advantage of this fast-growing market.”

The company’s products include software to enable surveyors to carry out ‘snagging reports’ to highlight any problems with new-build properties which have not been caught in other surveys.

GoReport is the trading name of MobileReport Ltd. While its headquarters are on Belfast’s Heron Road, it also has staff in Great Britain.