Clarendon Fund Managers | Portstewart firm Zymplify opens three new tech hubs
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Portstewart firm Zymplify opens three new tech hubs

Portstewart firm Zymplify opens three new tech hubs

Portstewart-based tech business has opened new premises in Belfast, Manchester and Boston as part of an expansion programme fuelled by a £1m cash investment from US venture capital firm, Martinson Ventures, a Philadelphia-based firm.

Clarendon portfolio company Zymplify offers automated marketing for small and medium sized firms across various channels.

It says its platform enables clients to plan, measure and assess return on investment from their multi-channel digital marketing activities within a single dashboard.

Founder and chief executive, Michael Carlin, said the company has grown from just two staff three years ago to a team of 22.

He said the three new advisory hubs, including one in River House on Belfast’s High Street, will enable Zymplify’s business consultants to get closer to its client base.

“Our platform makes the lives of marketers easier,” he said.

“In one easy-to-understand dashboard they can plan and analyse their digital and social marketing activities like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, pay per click, social media advertising, all in real-time.”

Set up in Portstewart four years ago, Zymplify has enjoyed its proximity to the pool of graduates in Ulster University’s nearby Coleraine campus.

“Our goal is to become one of the world’s top five digital marketing platform providersand thought leaders by 2022,” continued the chief executive.

“In the short term we’re seeking to double our client numbers from 100 to 200. This round of investment will enable us to deliver on our corporate goals more quickly that would otherwise have been the case.”

He said the next phase of the company’s strategy involves establishing additional advisory hubs in English speaking countries.

“Marketing has been transformed more in the past 10 years than the previous 100 with a much greater emphasis on accountability and establishing return on investment, so our solution is very much tapping into the needs of today’s marketer,” he added.