Clarendon Fund Managers | Titan IC On Crest of a Wave With New Office Move
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Titan IC On Crest of a Wave With New Office Move

Titan IC On Crest of a Wave With New Office Move

Clarendon portfolio company Titan IC have moved into prestigious new office premises in the Concourse One Building of the Northern Ireland Science Park, Belfast’s technology hub. The move is driven by continued growth and future expansion plans for the business.

The company has developed ground-breaking technology for the detection of cyber threats on high-speed networks and licenses this Intellectual Property (IP) to a number of tier-one cyber security companies in Silicon Valley and Israel for use in products such as Next Generation Firewalls.

It has also licensed this technology to a number of semiconductor companies for inclusion in the next generation of custom ASIC chips which will tackle the latest cyber threats within the electronics of the network. This hardware acceleration is much faster than software based cyber defence systems and helps with the ever-increasing speeds of networks and the complexity and frequency of the latest threats.

Built around a highly-skilled team of leading chip design engineers, software development engineers and cyber security academics, Titan IC has gained major inroads into the global cyber industry with its unique content inspection technology. Due to its extensive cyber security talent pool and excellent education system, Belfast is quickly becoming the leading Cyber Security hub for Europe. Belfast also benefits from an excellent time zone sitting neatly between Silicon Valley, Israel, Asia and Europe. The company plans to double its team in the next 12 – 24 months and is always keen to hear from world class FPGA and ASIC design Engineers.

“We are delighted to be moving to our new modern office in Concourse One while staying within the Tech hub of the Northern Ireland Science park.” said Noel McKenna, CEO, Titan IC. “The new and enhanced space supports Titan IC’s ambition to create a first-class workplace for our employees and a welcoming environment for our customers. With exciting projects in the pipeline for 2019, we look forward to attracting the best talent to our team to continue this success and grow the business to its full potential.”