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Clarendon Fund Managers Limited is venture capital fund manager based in Belfast, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Clarendon manage 25m of regional VC Funds in Northern ireland including 13m of fully invested Funds (Viridian Growth Fund and Nitech Growth Fund) and Co-Fund NI, a 12.5m fund that co-invests with business angel/private investor lead deals which when matched to the private investment on a deal by deal basis will equate to a 28m Fund.
It is the appointed Fund Manager for the Viridian Growth Fund LP, which was established in August 2001, and it also manages the Nitech Growth Fund LP, which was established in February 2003. Both these Funds have an investment focus on innovative SMEs based in Northern Ireland but are closed for new investments.
Clarendon have invested over 20 million in over 40 companies from the three Funds under management across a wide range of sectors including ICT (CRM, ERP, Data Quality), medical devices, biotechnology, communications, food industry, waste management, renewable energy and computer gaming.



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