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Between the two funds under management CFM has managed the investment of £11.5m in 25 companies, with multiple follow on rounds in the majority of the portfolio companies.


The Funds have both been very active and having led or participated in over 60 investment rounds in portfolio companies over the last 7 years, and continuing to provide follow on finance to support growth in investee companies.


Selection of portfolio companies from the two funds is given below:


Lagan Technologies Ltd

Lagan specialises in providing software solutions to governments worldwide. Lagan delivers enterprise solutions that have the flexibility and scalability effectively to target every government worker's primary activity: case management.


More than 170 government organisations worldwide rely on Lagan Enterprise Case Management™ solutions for local government service delivery, adult social services, social housing provision, central and regional government call centres, and case management activities and shared services. Over 37 million citizens around the world are supported by Lagan solutions.


Bluechip Technologies Ltd

Bluechip is a leader in the field of lone worker safety protection systems. They offer a Guardian 24 solution, a safety, monitoring and response service for lone workers.


Over 200 client organizations, in Government, Health and Financial Services and Security industries throughout the UK and Ireland use Guardian 24 as a personal safety management system to help protect 20,000 employees, twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.


Bittware Inc.

For almost two decades, BittWare has been the

leading designer and supplier of both military application and commercial hybrid (FPGA + DSP) and FPGA-computing, digital signal processing board-level solutions.


In 2004, Bittware acquired EZ-DSP Limited, a spin-out company from the University of Ulster with developed software for TigerSHARC ® processors. The acquisition significantly strengthened Bittware’s position as a market-leading producer of standard (COTS) embedded computing solutions for the military/defence, government and commercial markets.


Art Technology Group Inc.

Founded in 1991, ATG has emerged as the trusted e-commerce solution provider for the world's top brands, those that take e-commerce seriously and are ready to capitalize on all its potential. The ATG e-commerce suite is cited as a leader by the industry's most influential analyst firms, and powers more of the top 300 internet retailers than any other vendor.

The Viridian Growth Fund had a shareholding in ATG as a result of the acquisition of e.mail management systems specialists Amacis Limited, based in Belfast with the Belfast office of ATG still retaining around 50 highly skilled employees.

Fusion Antibodies

Fusion Antibodies Ltd

Fusion Antibodies is a biotechnology discovery company in the therapeutics antibodies market, developing antibodies that preferentially target cancerous cells using dual therapy and angiogenesis mechanisms of attack.


The company has developed a pipeline of antibody-based drugs, the most advanced of which, in pre-clinical models, shrinks tumours and blocks blood vessel growth within a variety of cancer tumour models.  Recent work has shown the combination of the Company’s lead molecule and Avastin®, the market-leading cancer treatment, is far more effective in blood vessel kill than either drug alone.  This lead antibody is now fully humanised, showing even greater affinity for binding to target receptors on cancerous cells than the original murine form.  Agreement has been reached with the leading cGMP company to develop a high-yield fermentation route prior to production of four kilograms of antibody and commencement of Phase I trials in late 2010. 


Datactics Ltd

Datactics was founded in 1999 and is one of the companies that has defined best of class data quality management. The company’s product, DataTrawler, is acknowledged to be the fastest data matching solution available and has been engineered to process vast datasets across distributed computing resources.


As a result DataTrawler can help customers achieve massive improvements in data quality – resulting in greater productivity, better business efficiency and less reliance on third party service providers.  The flexibility of DataTrawler has resulted in its use around the world, in many diverse applications and across a wide range of business activities such as direct marketing, supply chain management, government services, business intelligence and financial services.


TraceAssured Ltd

TraceAssured, in conjunction with Northern Ireland’s leading food producer, Moy Park Ltd, a subsidiary of the Brazilian Marfrig Group, the ninth largest supplier in the world of processed chicken, has developed TraceTracker® the gold standard for traceability within a complex food supply chain.


TraceTracker® remembers the origin and use of every ingredient during food processing, not only recording and reporting on the integrity of the factory’s Quality Assurance but also, through integration with a factory ERP system, highlighting inefficiencies and the potential for cost saving to the production manager.  The web-based system allows producers and customers to trace backward from the product on a supermarket shelf and see immediately the origin of ingredients used in that product batch. This is essential for those fortunately rare examples of ingredient contamination involving product recall, but also allows verification, for example, of the actual farm from which the ingredients were sourced.


AxisThree Ltd

Axis Three creates the standard for predictive surgical simulation. By integrating image capture technology developed by Siemens, with its own innovative software, Axis Three delivers a paradigm shift in medical imaging: Precise surface anatomy capture, breakthrough simulation technology, interactive, photo-quality three dimensional (3D) models, and powerful tools for planning surgery.


Axis Three has offices in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Los Angeles, California.


Heartsine Technologies Inc.

The company was founded in 1997 as a spin-out from the University of Ulster but antecedence of the technology goes back to development of the world’s first mobile defibrillator at the Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital in the late 1960’s.  HeartSine Inc is headquartered in California with an R&D and assembly subsidiary based in Belfast.


Speed of response to a person undergoing a sudden cardiac arrest, the rapid re-starting of the heart, is a major factor in the patient’s survival and successful recovery.  Sophisticated sensors and software built into HeartSine’s Automated External Defibrillator devices eliminate the gap in treatment before professional support arrives by giving anyone in the vicinity of the heart attack the ability to apply defibrillation safely and surely.


Dark Water Studios Ltd

Dark Water Studios, established at the end of 2006, is an independent multi-platform, video game developer based in Derry, Northern Ireland.   The company’s management team has strong prior experience ranging from establishing start up companies to managing multi-national game development companies.


Dark Water Studios is launching DogFighter on PC and Xbox360 format in 2009.  An arcade single and also a multi-player title, Dogfighter immerses players in a realistic scenario of a World War I setting, with powerful planes and an array of weaponry at their disposal. Avoiding pursuit over deserts, ambushing and attacking opponents at speed between snow-capped mountains or in sub-terrain mining galleries, demands quick thinking and reaction and delivers a unique gaming experience.


Biomass CHP limited Ltd

BioMass CHP delivers a key cleantech goal through efficient combined heat and power generation from wood chip at a scale suitable for local manufacturing companies and civic developments.


Gasification of wood to drive a CHP plant is fundamentally more efficient than boiling water to drive a turbine and generator, but hitherto has not been feasible due to inability to remove contaminants in the gas, leading to fouling the engine and the creation of unacceptable liquid effluents.  BioMass CHP has developed a downdraft gasification process and gas screening to deliver clean gas to a high performance gas engine, and is installing its first commercial 300kWe plant supplying power and heat to a lime works.  The process is environmentally friendly, using chipped wood off cuts and forestry thinnings, is efficient, produces no liquid effluent, fully automated and remotely monitored. 



(Formally known as ST&D)


Intelesens an internationally recognised, leading innovator in targeted non-invasive wireless vital sign monitor development.  A spin out from the University of Ulster, Intelesens develops and manufactures its own products and also products for other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Company is a world leader in electrode technology and in the reduction of motion artefacts.

The Company is now focussed on developing connected health solutions through the implementation of wireless vital signs monitoring. It has produced miniaturized, battery-powered and non-invasive body-worn devices to measure a range of human vital signs (including ECG and respiration) and to transmit the patient data electronically to a local or remote patient database. The benefits and cost savings of wireless monitoring are widely acknowledged and present Intelesens with a great opportunity to take advantage of a fast growing global market.

 Vertical Wind Energy

Vertical Wind Energy Ltd

Vertical Wind Energy (VWE) has developed a range of micro generation vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) for the domestic renewable energy consumer and industrial markets. These turbines have increased yields and lower manufacturing costs, together with smaller noise and vibration footprints than current horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) market solutions.

The micro-generation renewable energy market is in high growth driven by regulatory support, high cost fossil fuel alternatives and an increasing desire to tackle climate change. In particular, the UK new build housing market is regulated to be carbon neutral by 2016 (commercial new build by 2019). The EU has set a target of 15% renewable energy production by 2020.


Kelsius Limited

Kelsius Limited, is a leading provider of integrated wireless monitoring and Internet based compliance services to the health and food sectors.Kelsius has established operations in Donegal and has recently opened new headquarters at the Northern Ireland Science Park where it intends to create 10 new jobs over the next 12 months.


The Kelsius solution outperforms existing temperature monitoring systems through the application of wireless technology and next generation embedded internet solutions combining flexibility with affordable installation and on-going costs. Continuous monitoring of the temperature of stored products such as chilled foods and drugs is critically important and must comply with stringent health & safety and hygiene standards.


The customer base is primarily catering & food retail organisations such as hotels and supermarkets as well as organisations in the health & pharmaceutical sectors.

Biznet Solutions

Biznet Solutions Ltd

Biznet are the leading provider of Performance Management Software Solutions to the International Oil and Gas Industry.It has offices in Northern Ireland, Houston and Dubai and has around 40 employees worldwide.


Clients include BP, Noble Energy, Shell, Chevron and Conoco Phillips.

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